ELC Electives

ELC Elective Course Descriptions 2021-22

Physical Education 11

This course aims to develop confident and competent students who understand, appreciate, engage, and sustain a balanced, healthy, and active lifestyle. It emphasizes analyzing and improving physical competence, maintaining personal fitness, and developing effective leadership and sports management skills. Students will learn and apply skillful movements, techniques, and strategies in various sports and games. Possible activities that can be played are Flag Football, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Curling, Floor Hockey, Gold Rush, Dodgeball, and Frisbee Golf. Assignments can also be given to show student learning surrounding topics around healthy eating, mental wellness, fitness, sports and exercise.

Self-Defense 10

This course aims to teach and develop well-balanced minds and bodies through training in fighting techniques. The aim is to nurture character-building traits such as confidence, self-esteem, discipline, integrity, motivation, and respect, which are important aspects to have in today’s world. Students will learn two styles of Martial Arts, Shotokan Karate and Arni, Filipino Stick Fighting. Through practice, students will develop and strengthen their entire body, improve coordination, quicken reflexes, and build stamina and overall health and fitness.

Outdoor Education 10

This exciting course is designed to introduce you to outdoor education. This program aims to give students a rich understanding of outdoor skills, risk management, preparation, survival, leadership and preservation of the environment during outdoor pursuits.  You will learn and develop practical skills in outdoor physical activity, first aid, survival skills and seasonal camping techniques. In addition, you will also learn about group dynamics and leadership, outdoor literature, equipment selection and care, nutritional planning and trip/event planning. This will give you a balance of knowledge to deal with a variety of outdoor activities. As physical fitness and conditioning is an important part of being prepared for the outdoors, our personal fitness modules will enable you to participate effectively and safely during planned excursions.

Digital Photography 10

Students will learn skills and techniques to capture quality photos in the course. Students will learn basic principles of photography, such as the Rule of Thirds, Lighting, and Shadows. An additional focus will be placed on a semester-long portfolio that showcases student work and basic photo-editing skills. Furthermore, students will have the chance to explore their creativity by capturing their interests.

Leadership 10

Students will be major contributors to the ELC and Fort St. John community in this course. Students will plan, execute, and design activities and events throughout the school year. Classes will consist of meetings where planning and roles are dispersed. Some activities include Yearbook, School Spirit Days, School & Community Engagement, and Activities for elementary-age students. Other ideas will be welcomed based on school/community needs and personal interests.


Entrepreneurship 10 will teach students an entrepreneurial mindset. Students have discussions, and complete activities focused on helping them to understand what it takes to start a small business and minimize the risk in the process. Students have the opportunity to create their own small businesses and run them within the school. Along the way, we look at basic marketing and cashflow principles to help the businesses to run smoothly. Depending on time and student interest, we sometimes delve into basic investing approaches and strategies.

Fitness and Conditioning 10 

Also known as Superfit, this group-based conditioning class will challenge you physically and mentally.  Superfit teaches the functional movements of Squat, Hinge, Lunge, Push, Pull and Carry. It also helps students learn to jump and land properly, spring more efficiently, become more agile and have better balance. Finally, Superfit helps students battle through their comfort zone. We don’t take any days off, every day is a workday.  Take the challenge. Join the Superfit crew!

Health Science 12

What is the best treatment for conditions such as diabetes? Plantar Fascitis? Why do my legs hurt after going for a run? If these questions interest you, Health Sciences may be of value to you! In this exciting course, students are introduced to various aspects of health science. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the human lifespan, be introduced to basic anatomy and physiology, learn about treatment and prevention of health conditions, health ethics and legal issues, and lastly, explore possible careers in the health field. Through inquiries, labs and other hands-on learning experiences, students will better understand and appreciate one’s health.

Learning from Elders 10

In this course, students will create their own individualized pair of moose-hide moccasins. We are graced by the partnership of Elder Mabel Harding, who provides us with decades worth of leather craftsmanship. Students will develop skills in beading and working with leather.

French 10

This course is your next step in being able to better communicate in Canada’s second official language! You will develop French speaking, listening, writing and reading skills using various resources, from songs to movies to literature and authentic documents! Learn about French Canadian and French culture while engaging in cultural activities! Previous French courses are an asset.

Anthropology I: Uncovering Human Mysteries 11

In this course, students will explore the evolution, similarity and diversity of humankind through time. It will look at how we have evolved from a biologically and culturally weak species to one that has the ability to cause catastrophic change. Students will look at the development of language, the impact of art and culture, culinary practices, social bonding, religious practices, and what makes humans “different.”