As the ELC is a campus of NPSS, all of our students have the ability to participate in the athletic teams and programs.  In actuality, the ELC students historically have made up a large percentage of the  Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer teams!

The objective of extra-curricular athletics at NPSS is to foster a healthy appreciation for competitive sport, individuals and team. Specifically, our program aims for the pursuit of excellence in the areas of accountability, integrity and respect while fostering a healthy appreciation for sportsmanship, competition and skill development.

The focus for teams at the Junior level is to maximize participation, improve individual fundamental skills, develop team skills, and provide student-athletes with a positive experience in athletics. At the Senior level the individual and team focus is more competitive. Emphasis is on team concept development and technical and tactical skill execution in competitive situations.

At NPSS, we offer a wide range of individual and team sports throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring Seasons.