Student Support

Welcome!  We are the ELC’s Student Support Team!

Crystal Anielewicz 
Counsellor, Behaviour Support and  Indigenous Transition Coach

Wendy Giesbrecht
Learning Assistance Teacher (LAT) and English Language Learning (LAT)

Carmen Dennis 
Indigenous Youth Care Worker

Feeling Stressed? Check out what’s happening in your brain.

In this video, Ms. A uses Dr. Dan Siegel’s Brain Hand Model as a foundation to talk about what happens in the brain when we “flip our lid” and shift into reactive mode. Building awareness of what is happening in our brain and body when we are triggered can help us to re-engage and get our whole brain back online.
Take some time to think about what some of your physical signals are when you’ve “flipped.”

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In this short video, Ms. A shares 6 useful tips to help adjust to working or learning at home. Help boost your productivity and practice self-care by taking advantage of these strategies while learning and/or working from home during these challenging times.

Watch a Video