Collective Collaboration!

Wow – what an exciting week for our students and staff at the ELC! We have finally made it to our own space – not all the construction is complete but it is beautiful!

As we begin to settle into our routines of the new space we as a collective group really appreciate what this campus and staff can provide for the future of education. The most amazing thing I have noticed about the ELC is the collaborative teamwork that our staff is modeling for the students. There is not one leader at this campus – there are 9 leaders!

The growing pains of, teaching and living in a public space has been a challenge but one we will continue to learn and grow from. We as a public have to remember that for the past 100 years we have locked our teenagers away from 8am to 3pm – Monday to Friday. No one in the public really had to interact or deal with them as a group except for the teachers. If we really want students to become respectful productive citizens then we need to teach them as a collective group. The old saying, “It takes a community to raise a child” is what we collectively need to pursue. The teachers need to keep educating the students on how to function respectfully in the public and the public will need to assist the students in the learning process. I am not suggesting that the public should become disciplinarians. I am suggesting the total opposite – they need to continue to be role models of respect, kindness and friendly neighbours.

The ELC students and parents have expressed their enthusiasm towards our campus in the following quotes:
“I wish we could stay here until we graduate”
“They really respect the teachers dedication and patience with the construction problems – my son thinks they are great.”

Our next step in the PBL process is to teach the students how to productively collaborate as a unit. This is something I know they will be able to accomplish as they have so admirably role modeled over the past month. As we take that big step towards changing the way we educate the youth – I thank the public in advance for your patience. Collectively and collaboratively we will create positive, productive and respectful citizens.

Please take the time to reflect and be thankful this weekend – I know I will

Until next week…

Sheldon Steele, VP ELC

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