The Mask


The first full week at the ELC …..

As our mask project begins to unveil it’s true identity, the ELC has started to form it’s face in the world of education.  Students are now starting to understand the purpose behind our ‘project based learning’ curriculum.

Not only did the students spend a week in their ‘traditional’ subjects of math, science and humanities, they have also been able to personalize their learning through The Mask project.  The opportunity to receive credit in all subject areas for creating something like a personalized mask is definitely a new concept to our students, but a concept that they have embraced with enthusiasm.

We would like to share with you a few of our comments about the students at the ELC this second week:

“These students are ‘living’ in a public space and they are taking complete ownership for keeping it clean and tidy.”

“Very polite, very pleasant,  and respectful to their peers and adults”

“They’ve been very patient about not being in our actual ‘school space’.

The excitement to get into our own ‘school space’ is beginning to build as we edge closer to the day we can actually move in.

Lesson learned this week ~ we need to keep in mind that all of the construction roadblocks that have frustrated our staff have also affected our students.  Their ability to accept and deal with change is a lesson we are learning from them – they are teaching us patience.

Until next week…

Sheldon Steele, VP ELC





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